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Intelligent phone system features

Global phone numbers

Instantly deploy local & toll-free numbers so customers can reach you from anywhere. Assign numbers to an IVR, users, conferences and faxboxes.

Quick & scalable setup

Setting up your new phone system is quick and easy. nurangos phone system was built to scale and allows you to add users and features with the click of a button.

Auto attendant

Setup a virtual receptionist with a custom greeting during the hours you prefer. Customers can call into your “press 1, press 2” style menu and be routed to groups, extensions, voicemails and more.

Music or message on hold

Play some music, a cool promotional message or relay some important information to keep customers entertained while on hold.

Time of day routing

Be in control of when your team can receive calls and play different messages when you’re open and closed. Calls to your IVR can be set for daytime, evening, weekends and holidays.

HD voice & video calls

Experience clear High definition audio & video calls.

Hot desking

Ideal for offices that share handsets. Change phone ownership instantly allowing you to receive calls on your own extension and check voicemail.

Call parking & valet

Put a phone call on hold with the “park” key-code and pick it up from another phone.

Encrypted communications

We’re proud to offer Secure encrypted phone calls, chat and video across the nurango network.

WebRTC enabled

WebRTC allows for web-based calls, chat & video applications. Bring your own applications, develop one, or use ours!

Teams will love these

Free calls between team members

Call your team members free, whether they’re on the road or across the world. Reduce mobile and remote office call costs.

Groups & call distribution

Easily setup sales & support groups and add your teams to them. With multiple call distribution options you’ll be speaking with your customers faster than ever.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to your mobile with a key press or from your user portal. Easily transfer calls to other team members taboot.


Dialing in to listen to voicemails is annoying. We’ll send your voicemails directly to email with the callers information.

FaxBox - fax by email

Faxing just got easier! Each team member can have their own fax number and receive faxes by email. Need to send? Attach a document to email and send it out to be faxed.

Unique extensions

Every team member gets their own unique extension. Route calls, allow customers to dial directly & quickly call other team members.

Find me, follow me

Do you use multiple devices to handle phone calls? On the go a lot? We’ll follow you around and ring your phones at different locations until you answer.

Conference bridges

Activate your conference line by adding a conference phone number and each user can setup their own conference bridge with call-in pin.

Inbound call recording

Ensure customer satisfaction & maintain quality control by recording your sales & support calls. Listen to them whenever you want!

Self service portal

Users can maintain control over their phone features using our simple web portal. View your call records, listen to voicemails and configure email and call forward settings.

Admins are important too

Intuitive dashboard

Our admin dashboard makes it simple to set-up and manage your phone system in minutes. Our apps are designed with admins in mind and simplify management, saving you both time and money.

Call reporting

Manage call records from your dashboard to control costs, keep track of productivity, diagnose issues and submit call issues with a single click. Use webhooks or our API to integrate call records with other applications.

PBX Connector

The PBX connector app allows you manage trunk & DID provisioning to your existing phone systems. In addition to utilizing low cost SIP trunks you can call between offices & devices for free. Never lose a call if your equipment is down with our auto-failover feature.

Encrypted communications

Make & receive encrypted calls on supported devices with nurango. Security and privacy is paramount to keeping conversations secure with your customers.


nurango provides easy webhooks for you to integrate with third party apps like Zapier. You can retrieve call information, account changes, fax info and even hangup cause codes.

Number & porting manager

View and manage phone numbers in your dashboard, manage caller-id, e911 & even prepend digits to inbound calls. Use our easy provisioning tool to track and manage number porting as well.

Call-flow designer

Our Advanced Callflow app allows you to build custom call routing modules for those who need a more complex phone system. The easy drag & drop interface gives you an easy & intuitive work flow.

SRV support

nurango supports RFC compliant SRV lookups so that your supported devices can automatically obtain protocol and server information while load balancing your traffic.

Geo-redundant network

nurango has over 20 global Points of Presence. Connect to nurango from various points in North America, Europe and Asia. We have nodes in Canada, U.S, & Europe which allows you to choose your connection preference.

SIP Messaging & Presence

Exchange message between team members with devices and applications that support SIP messaging. Presence enabled applications allow you to view user availability or enable intelligent call routing (user online, offline, etc).

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