Don't leave your customers hanging

nurango delivers your Teams calls where and when you want them.

nurango call groups

Build sales & support groups

Ensure customers get the best support by grouping your Team by departments. Call groups ensure customers are routed to an available team member. Assign a phone number to your group, add some users and voila!

Global phone numbers

Instantly activate Local or Toll Free phone numbers from anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Route numbers to groups, users, conferences, fax-boxes and more. We even have International numbers.

Auto attendant? You bet

Give yourself a press 1, press 2 style IVR menu and route calls to groups, users by extension, company directory and more, all during the hours you prefer.

Eliminate your digital clutter

Throw out that old fax machine, stop wasting time navigating through voicemail systems. Our voicemail & fax via email frees up your time and allows you to focus on customers.

"Almost 60% of customers will hang up after waiting on hold for one minute."
-Velaro customer service survey

More than just phone calls

Enhance your customers experience with the Video calls, Conferencing and WebRTC. Integrate with or tools or build your own rich applications that allow your team to provide a better customer experience.

  • Conferencing
  • Video calling
  • WebRTC (voice, video, chat)
  • Messaging & Presence

Video calling

Your team can communicate with video calling using your favorite video enabled Softphone, SIP conferencing device or via WebRTC applications.

Team Conferencing

Collaborate with your team and customers using conferences. Assign a phone number from any part of the world and have anyone join the party!

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Admin & Developer Friendly

Simplifying your phone system management is important to us. We give you the tools you need through a suite of built in Apps to manage and maintain your teams Unified Communications.

[tab title=”Network Brilliance”]

  • Geo-dispersed redundant network 
  • Over 20 global Points of Presence
  • Bring your own devices

[tab title=”Security Features”]

  • Encrypted Voice & Video Calls
  • Secure WebRTC
  • REST-API over SSL

[tab title=”Connect Intelligently”]

  • Track users SIP Messaging & Presence
  • Auto-discover SRV lookup support
  • Network friendly Predictable IP range for media


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nurango admin features

Scale your system as you grow

nurango’s phone system was built from the ground up with scalability in mind. With our intuitive self-managed dashboard, we make it easy to grow together.

Phone number manager

We make it easy to add, port, assign and manage phone numbers at any time with our Number Manger app. You can track phone number routing and manage caller-id & e911.

Connect existing PBXes & SIP devices

Easily connect your existing branch offices, PBX’s SIP devices & equipment. You can also assign phone numbers and setup Fail-over routing with with our PBX Connector tool.

Webhooks & integrations

Integrate our Webhooks with your own apps, or with Zapier, IFTTT or any third-party platform. Trigger webhooks via conditional call information or call data using GET and POST.

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