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  • Finally, a Phone System with a Brain

    nurango helps teams manage their customer calls, smartly

nurango simplifies your calls, fax & voicemail you can focus on customers, not technology.

Make and receive calls anywhere, anytime

Un-chain yourself from your work desk and stay connected with customers. Manage calls from your favorite softphone, desktop app, webphone or smart phone.

Group teams by department

Assign teams to sales & support groups and take customer calls quickly. Call queues allow team members to be reached anywhere and on any device.

Instant phone numbers

Customers can reach you through local & toll-free numbers from 60+ Countries. Look professional, assign numbers to groups & users, appear local to customers and even track geo-based marketing campaigns.

nurango phone system

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"67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration
they could not talk to a real person"
- American Express Survey, 2011

Phone system management is a breeze


Build your teams phone system in minutes

Get up and running in just minutes with our easy intuitive dashboard. Simply add some users, grab a phone number and route it to a call group or IVR menu.

Add team members on the fly

Built to scale, nurango makes it easy to grow with self service tools. Bring on new customer advocates with-in minutes.

No clunky desk-phones needed

Support your customers from your favorite devices with our desktop, mobile & web applications. You’re welcome to bring your own as well!


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Setup your phone system in minutes

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